Sunday Mornings


On Sunday mornings all ages gather together for worship, but after about half an hour the children and young people break away into separate groups appropriate to their ages. These groups are called Breakaway. The main service generally then continues with a time of worship, prayer and the reading of Scripture The sermon will last up to half an hour.

On the third Sunday of each month (except in August) there are no  Breakaway groups because we have an all age service when everyone stays together for the whole service. This all age service is attended by the Brownies and the Guides for their monthly parade.

On the second Sunday morning of each month we share communion together after the Breakaway groups have left. We occasionally have communion on other Sunday mornings as well to celebrate important events in the Christian year, such as Easter and Pentecost. 

Sunday Evenings


On Sunday evenings we gather for worship. At these evening services there is usually more time available for sharing experiences and insights with one another than in the morning services. The evening services are generally a bit quieter and more reflective, and afterwards most of us stay for a cup of tea or coffee.

On the first Sunday evening of each month we share communion together, and during these evening communion services we offer people an opportunity to come forward to receive anointing with oil and prayer for healing.

In the evening services we usually have a short sermon, lasting ten to fifteen minutes, followed by an opportunity to ask questions, make comments and explore the theme together through discussion.

From time to time we have fellowship evenings, when instead of a sermon we set aside more time for members of the fellowship to share insights and experiences with one another, usually around a chosen theme.

We also occasionally have evenings when, alongside prayer, worship and the reading of Scripture we watch and discuss a DVD on a Christian theme.


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